Allen Edmonds Randolph

Allen Edmonds, can’t we go back to the way things were?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no naysayer who thinks Allen Edmonds’ heyday is in its rearview mirror. What the company produces today is every bit the equal of its offerings from twenty or thirty years ago.

Impeccable craftsmanship

I pine for something different. I’ve been an Allen Edmonds customer for more than 15 years now, enticed by the company’s willingness to produce two shoes of different sizes for only a modest upcharge. My feet are a full size and a half different, so proper fitting shoes are a must, particularly with loafers.

Now, it seems, the company has put the kibosh on that offer.

During the pandemic, I’ve been leaning hard on slip on shoes, and I’ve looked covetously at some of Allen Edmonds’ loafers, particularly the Randolph penny loafer.

So I called up Allen Edmonds and got the bad news. The only solution was to buy two pairs, at a price too dear.

However, a solution soon manifested itself, in the form of a half off sale. That made buying two pairs a doable (albeit wasteful) proposition.

Within two days of ordering, they arrived on my doorstep. And, dear readers, they’re everything I’ve come to expect from Allen Edmonds–impeccable style, wonderful craftsmanship. Made, of course, in Wisconsin.