The Vermont Flannel Company

Flannel is one of the essentials of a winter wardrobe. The ideal intersection of warmth and comfort, it’s the perfect fabric for those months when the Northern Hemisphere tilts away from the sun.

Often brushed to create extra softness, it can be made in both wool and cotton varieties.

I recently purchased a flannel shirt for Frannie from the Vermont Flannel Company. It’s in the Dress Stewart pattern, one of the most classic and versatile of all the tartans.





For more than 20 years, Vermont Flannel has been making flannel shirts (and a variety of other items) at its headquarters in East Barre, Vermont. Given that they continue to be manufactured to a high quality in the United States, their shirts are an incredible bargain–slightly less than $50 for both the men’s and women’s varieties.

Of note, their shirts are generously sized. Frannie’s is a size small, although she probably could have shimmied into an extra small.

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