More Thrift Store Treasure

Last month, I took a week’s vacation to the Big Bend region in far West Texas. I puttered around Alpine, savored the extraordinary minimalist art in Marfa and backpacked in Big Bend National Park.

Of course, no vacation is complete without sampling the local thrift stores. I visited thrifts in Alpine, Fort Davis and Marfa, and while there I unearthed a couple of pieces of American made treasure.

The first was a bit of an odd duck. It’s a purple Prince of Wales check tie with an orange and green overcheck–100% linen, ideal for the impending warmer weather. The provenance is what makes it strange. It’s American made, from Burberrys (the name under which Burberry was marketed until 1998). Why a resolutely British firm would manufacture its wares on these shores I do not know, but there it was.

The other was a pair of Trafalgar silk suspenders, American made as well.


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