David Peck Redux

A few months ago, we chronicled our purchase of Frannie’s first gown from David Peck, a Houston-based maker of high-end women’s wear. Well, Frannie’s formal has come and gone, and here’s her perspective on the gown:

David Peck, an up-and-coming designer of women’s high-end ready to wear and couture dresses, has recently appeared on my list of remarkable designers. David Peck is located in Houston, Texas, a place booming with fashion and culture, and all his clothes are made in a space off the main showroom in Houston.

I wore a purple jersey formal gown to my school’s formal, and I must say, I felt magnificent in it. The dress made me feel like a million bucks. I wouldn’t have chosen any other for that night.

Frannie dressed for her first formal, outfitted beautifully in a David Peck gown


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