Brooks Brothers 7-Fold Tie

The seven-fold tie is the act of tie making elevated to high art. A true seven-fold is nothing more than a single piece of silk folded seven times, with no interlining. For those of us raised on the ubiquitous lined three-fold ties, a seven-fold tie is an idiosyncratic beast.

The know-how to make a seven-fold largely died out in the 1930s, both because of the Great Depression and the shortage of silk caused by the beginning of the war in East Asia. In the 1980s, Robert Talbott–another distinguished maker of American ties–reintroduced the seven-fold. Eventually, other makers followed suit.

Brooks Brothers advertises this as a seven-fold, although I think it’s actually a self-tipped six-fold, a variant which provides a bit more symmetry.




Regardless, it’s an extraordinary piece of work. The dimple is deep and luxurious. It’s enticingly wide (a solid four inches). And the silk is truly sumptuous. This is what Brooks Brothers should aspire to; the company is at it’s best when it focuses more on things like this and less on the lowest-common-denominator clothing it’s been importing from China in recent years.



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