Optimo Hats

Since the summer of 2009, I’ve purchased three hats from Chicago’s Optimo Hats, arguably the leading maker of custom hats in the United States. One of those hats, a Montecristi Panama fedora, was in need of some serious TLC, so I sent it back to Chicago to be serviced.

They replaced the ribbon and the leather sweat band and cleaned and re-shaped the straw–in short, a complete renovation. The price was not insubstantial. But the results speak for themselves. It’s practically a brand new hat.






There is one black mark with this most recent experience. It took nearly two weeks after Optimo received the hat for it to forward me an invoice–and only after I made a phone call. Once the work had been paid for, it took another four weeks to send the hat, despite the fact that I was originally given an estimate of 10 to 20 days to complete the work.

On one level, I hate to speak ill of a company that conjures such superlative products. But I believe that a failure to mention these missteps would be a serious omission on our part.

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