Eliza B

Our regular readers will remember that we purchased Frannie a pair of navy flats from Eliza B last August. Made in Essex, Conn., they’re the kind of shoes every young lady should own, appropriate for everything from the casual to the moderately dressy.

Now, less than a year later, we had to turn to Eliza B for a replacement pair.

Normally, that truncated life span would be a cause for concern.

But when I learned that Frannie had worn them an average of once every two days since receiving the pair last summer, I knew that they had given more than admirable service. By my calculations, that’s more than 100 wearings, which, for a pair of canvas flats, is remarkable.

I’ve disabused her from wearing the replacement pair quite so often, although it’s difficult to resist wearing a shoe so well made and versatile. Her new pair is almost completely identical, with the exception of a darker sole.





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