Dapper Classics

Socks are one of the most often overlooked parts of a man’s wardrobe. For my money, they offer one of the highest satisfaction to cost ratios of any item in a man’s closet. Providing a sudden and jocund splash of color, they can enliven even the most soporific of outfits.

Until recently, finding a good pair of American made dress socks was a challenging proposition. Troubled by the dearth of American made men’s hosiery, father and son Fred and Harrison Rich set out to fill that gap in the marketplace. They partnered with a mill in North Carolina and, in 2011, began to produce socks under the Dapper Classics moniker.

If you have even minor interests in dandyism, Dapper Classics are an exceptional option. The company offers socks in a rainbow of colors (from the traditional to the fauvist), in a panoply of patterns and in a rich cornucopia of well thought out designs.

Dapper Classics had been on my radar screen for a while. I had taken note, both of its commitment to American manufacturing and of the enticing appearance of its products. Last month, on a trip to New Orleans, I stopped in a store in the French Quarter. There, to my great surprise and excitement, was a basket of Dapper Classics socks. As you can see in the photos below, I selected an over-the-calf model in navy with green anchor motifs.



I like where Dapper Classics is headed. In 2014, the company added neckwear and trousers–both made in the USA–to its product line. A pair of trousers in a mid blue hopsack are calling out to me; I may eventually have to give in to that siren song.

I’d love to see Dapper Classics branch out even further, while still holding firm to its commitment to American manufacturing. I think, over time, it could give Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers a serious run for their money.

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