Vintage L.L. Bean Chamois Cloth Shirt

We’ve bemoaned, many a time on these pages, L.L. Bean’s squandering of its once proud legacy. L.L. Bean was one of the pioneers in the creation of a uniquely American look, but virtually everything it sells is now produced overseas, in largely unsavory locations beset by labor, environmental and human rights abuses.

This is why, when we encounter vintage made in the USA L.L. Bean clothing in thrift stores, our hearts quiver with nostalgia. A few days back, we picked up this chamois cloth shirt. It will be perfect for Frannie as she braves Virginia autumn and winter, ideal for layering over an oxford or turtleneck.




As the Official Preppy Handbook once opined: “The casual wardrobe should include some L.L. Bean chamois shirts–the cotton flannel that gets better with each washing.” While we can no longer endorse this position, given that the shirts are no longer manufactured domestically, we can heartily recommend picking up one of the old made in the USA models if you happen upon one.


2 thoughts on “Vintage L.L. Bean Chamois Cloth Shirt”

  1. I agree. I’m always torn because I love the LL Bean style and price, but I’m not interested in buying poor-quality or unethical overseas products. I’ve recently purchased some American products from them, but I’m learning to confirm manufacture location as well.

    Before I began following your blog and Instagram, I never had much of an interest in American-made products. My whole life has been a global economy and I never recall discussing these things, unless a car was being purchased. While I used to discount it as jingoism, I now am seeing a great importance in buying American to not only support our laborers, but also the laborers who work in facilities that aren’t regulated properly and are exploited. Not all overseas brands are this way (I believe Kamakura is a reputable brand) but why take the risk? Support those who do right by their workers and the environment.

    I’ll be citing your site on an upcoming blog post. Thank you!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Erik. We’ll be sure to take a look at your blog, and welcome to the Classic American Style community, such that it is.

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