Boyfriend Shirt: Jack Spade Oxford

It’s a long and honored tradition in traditional circles: women appropriating items from a man’s wardrobe. In fact, in articulating six fundamentals for women’s dressing, the Official Preppy Handbook placed “Men’s clothes” at the top of the list:

Either actual garments from the man’s wardrobe (button-down shirts, Shetland sweaters, anything from L.L. Nean) or near imitations. The blue blazer, the khaki skirt, and the gray suit are the cornerstones of the female Prep’s wardrobe.

Given Frannie’s needs for a few more collared shirts to round out her wardrobe, we picked up a man’s button-down from Jack Spade. While many of Jack Spade’s products are manufactured overseas, several of the company’s oxford shirts are made in the United States by Southwick. It’s fairly slim fitting, so a man’s size small was perfect for Frannie.






In the common parlance, it’s known as the boyfriend shirt–although the shirt itself may have less than amorous origins (acquired as a hand-me-down from a father or brother or even purchased new).

2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Shirt: Jack Spade Oxford”

  1. Very nice! I thought Brooks made the Jack Spade button-downs? I remember John Tinseth criticizing them for how much they charged for a white-labeled Brooks oxford.

    1. Funny, I labored under the impression that Gitman made the button downs, until I saw on the Jack Spade website that Southwick did.

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