Palm Beach Sandals

At Frannie’s boarding school, Jack Rogers sandals are all the rage.

But they’re not the real McCoy.

For those in the know, Palm Beach Sandals are the one and true choice. Palm Beach Sandals continue to be made in the United States to an exceptionally high standard. Jack Rogers are largely made overseas with substandard materials.


Palm Beach and Jack Rogers are competing makers of an iconic women’s sandal. The sandal had its genesis when Jackie Kennedy returned from a vacation from Capri, with a pair of locally made sandals in tow. She was so taken by the sandals that she asked a Palm Beach cobbler to make her a few additional pairs.

Two of the cobblers employees, Benny and Eva Bonanno, were put in charge of the order. Eventually, the sandals were produced under the Bonanno name; by the 1980s, their son Stephen had taken over the company. Some years later, Stephen and his wife Monica divorced.

His wife got the production facilities, the machines and the dyes, and continued producing the same sandals under the Palm Beach moniker. He got to keep the Bonanno name, which he ran into the ground with a competing footwear enterprise that took customers’ money and failed to deliver product.

Jack Rogers, a large manufacturing concern, saw a good thing, and began turning out imitations. Over time, the imitation surpassed the authentic in popularity.

We recently purchased a pair of Palm Beach sandals for Frannie, in a classically preppy pink and green; the choice of color was a difficult one, as Palm Beach offers its sandals in a seemingly endless combination of hues.

She finds them comfortable, sturdy and well made (I too was really impressed with the craftsmanship), and they’ll be a perfect addition to her summer wardrobe, ideal for pairing with dresses, skirts and shorts.



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