Looking for a Few Good Reviewers

We’ve tried, over the course of more than 120 posts, to feature as many American manufacturers as possible while limiting our writing to the companies and products with which we have first hand experience.

But there are still a number of companies whose American made wares we haven’t yet had the chance to sample. If you have any experience with the companies below and would like to be a guest reviewer, we’d welcome your contributions:

  1. Mercer & Sons
  2. New England Shirt Company
  3. Gitman Bros.
  4. Sailor Rose
  5. Oxxford Clothes
  6. Alden Shoes
  7. Ohio Knitting Mills
  8. Appalach Outdoor Apparel Co.
  9. Rancourt & Co.

A few ground rules:

  1. No freebies. You have to be reviewing something you either purchased yourself or received as a gift from a friend/family member.
  2. Be prepared to write not only about the product itself but also about the company that made said product, touching on its history, its mission and its values.
  3. Pictures are a must. Get some shots of the product itself and of you wearing it.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any financial remuneration for guest reviews. We’re a non-revenue generating blog; for us, this is a labor of love. But if you share our passion for classic clothing made in the USA and have solid writing skills, we’d love to feature your contribution. Just contact us and let us know.

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