Dapper Classics Redux

I have fallen in love.

Strong stuff for a blog that’s principally about clothing. But the outstanding American made socks from Dapper Classics inspire me to those heights of affection.

Last month, on the way to dropping Frannie off at school, we made an afternoon detour to New Orleans. There, I stopped in a store where, a couple of months earlier, I had picked up my first pair. This time, I bought a second and third pair.

dapper1 dapper2

I’ve heard some complaints that the Dapper Classics socks are a bit too snug for certain folks. But to my mind, they’re a perfect fit, far less snug than a certain pair of Brooks Brothers over the calf socks that caused me excruciating pain every time I wore them.

I’m looking forward to adding to my collection, particularly the merino wool over the calf socks Dapper Classics offers for the fall and winter.

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