Hamilton Shirts Blue OCBD

How, you may wonder, have I managed to get through my adult life thus far without so much as a single blue oxford cloth button down shirt?

The answer is simple. I’m a sucker for all manner of checks and stripes. While I recognize the value of a plain shirt, my predilections skew toward the more boldly patterned.

Over the past year, I’ve broadened my collection of button down shirts. And so it was only natural that I finally add a blue button down to my wardrobe.

So to Hamilton Shirts I once again turned.

Because Hamilton already has my measurements on file, a trip into Houston wasn’t necessary. I simply picked up the phone, inquired about the fabric and discussed the details I wanted. Two weeks later, the shirt was on my doorstep.

Hamilton is, as we’ve mentioned before, Houston’s oldest continuously operating commercial enterprise. In business since 1883, when Houston’s population was but a small fraction of what it is today, Hamilton has endured not by watering down the brand but instead by embracing an unwavering commitment to excellence and local production.



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