Mo’s Bows

There is a phenomenon, known in popular parlance as the Jesus Year. It’s a bit of an existential parlor game, and it goes something like this: at the age of 33, the year of Jesus’ ministry and crucifixion, you take stock of your life. You ponder your existence, holding it up against the putative accomplishments of the ancient Hebrew. It’s a way of making you feel anywhere from vaguely to completely inadequate.

At 33, I had a one year old, so I was changing a lot of diapers, leaving me little time to found a new religion. I’m fairly certain that if Jesus had to deal with poopy diapers, we’d all still be celebrating Saturnalia.

Let’s ramp things up a bit. Just for grins, think to everything you accomplished at age nine. Chances are, the accomplishments of Memphian Moziah Bridges outpaced yours.

When he was still chronologically in the single digits, young Master Bridges, something of a budding dandy, tried in vain to find bow ties to his liking. Sensing a dearth in the marketplace, he began to learnĀ  to make them himself, with his grandmother’s tutelage and his mother’s encouragement. Quickly the ties he made developed a following, and he started crafting them for others.

Now 12 years old, Moziah Bridges is the impresario behind Mo’s Bows, a Memphis-based producer of cotton bow ties. He and his family design, cut and sew them in Memphis–around the family dining table, no less!

This Father’s Day, my family bestowed upon yours truly a grey gingham tie from Mo’s Bows. Although I’m not as partial to cotton neckwear, I have to give the tie its due. The cotton is very nice, the color is splendid and the construction is rock solid.

Each tie is shipped in its own sack


It’s Father’s Day, and what does Dad want? A tie, of course!


My Mo’s Bows tie in full deployment

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