Boardroom Socks

Regular readers of these pages will know that my sock interests tend to the more vibrantly colored and patterned. But there are times when, by necessity, a man’s hosiery must hew toward the soporific end of the spectrum.

Boardroom Socks are an ideal choice in those situations. Conservative in palette but exceptionally well constructed, they are a fitting choice for the big meeting, for an interview or for an evening semi-formal event.

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company has been a going concern for a scant five years.

A few weeks ago, at The Young Men’s Shop in Charlottesville, Va., I picked up a pair of these–a charcoal gray merino wool pair with red dots. Conservative? Yes. But the red dots give them a bit more elan than you’d normally find in standard men’s dress socks.





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