Ike Behar Ties

This morning, after donning an American made Ike Behar tie, I pondered how we’ve managed to go this long without giving that company a mention.


After all, Ike Behar is one of the holy trinity of American made ties. Together with Brooks Brothers and Hickey Freeman, they represent a sizable percentage of the neckwear produced in this country.

However, I’ve long had something of an ambivalent relationship with Ike Behar’s ties. While some have caught my fancy, I’ve found the quality in some of their other ties wanting. A satin houndstooth tie, for example, quickly developed problems with its lining and became unwearable.

Yet I still have a couple in my neckwear arsenal. The particular tie I wore today is a woven dark green with light blue, gray and cream stripes–a very nice tie in both design and construction.

Ike Behar makes a wide range of menswear, although the ties are one of the few–if not the only–items still made in the USA.

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