Miles David Atelier

T.S. Eliot once wrote, “In my beginning is my end.”

Ends and beginnings are part of an inexorable cycle. Such is the case in American business. The collapse of one enterprise often inspires, phoenix-like, the emergence of another.

Last year, we featured David Peck, the maker of Frannie’s first formal gown. David is a Houston-based designer who has carved out a commitment to manufacturing his wares locally. His aesthetic is firmly rooted in the classics, with healthy dashes of elegance and whimsy.

However, a few months ago, the cloud of bankruptcy fell upon his enterprise. Undaunted, he has reemerged under the name Miles David Atelier. In the same location. And with the same dedication to producing his line in the city he calls home.

He, of course, is not alone among designers who have weathered the rough seas of bankruptcy.

Frannie was so taken with last year’s gown that a return visit was in order. Her new gown from Miles David Atelier is in a beautiful midnight blue jersey fabric. It has a delightful shoulder treatment, with a Greek-inspired look. It’s sure to be a hit at her next formal later this winter.




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