A Classic American Style Christmas List

With Christmas nigh upon us, we thought we’d highlight the American made items that populate our respective lists.


One of the new chamois shirts from Criquet Shirts. Since L.L. Bean stopped making its chamois shirts in the United States, we’ve been hard pressed to find a suitable replacement. I’m eager to give this made in Texas version a try.

Socks from Dapper Classics. I can’t get enough of these. They come in virtually every color under the rainbow, in both cotton and wool, and are beautifully patterned.

A regimental tie (aka the repp tie) from Mountain & Sackett. I’m particularly fond of the Old Harrow Golf pattern.

A new pair of pajamas from Bedhead Pajamas. While my current pair is still going strong, a new pair would be a welcome presence under the tree.

A surcingle belt from F.H. Wadsworth. I’ve only recently become acquainted with these made in New York ribbon belts. They remind me of the belts I owned when I was Frannie’s age.


I asked for the Willow hat made by BRICK Knitwear in Colorado. The fun Norwegian birdseye pattern is combined with what I like to call my spirit color, navy.

Kiel James Patrick makes a mean boat shoe. They incorporate vibrant colors into their American-made shoes, which is different from most other boat shoes I’ve seen.

Like my dad, I asked for some Bedhead Pajamas. It’s become somewhat of a tradition in our household to get pajamas for Christmas.

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