High Cotton Polo Shirts

I own two of High Cotton’s excellent North Carolina made polo shirts, and a few months ago I was in the market to add a third to my wardrobe. There’s something magical about these shirts: made with cotton grown in North Carolina, constructed by North Carolina hands and sold by a North Carolina company with a wholehearted commitment to the state it calls home.

They are, hands down, my favorite among the many polo shirts I’ve owned.

However, my trip to the High Cotton website was quickly derailed. The polo shirts were nowhere to be found.

Fearing the worst, i summoned my courage and contacted the good folks at High Cotton. As I suspected, the shirts were no longer being offered.

Apparently, a failure in last year’s North Carolina cotton crop doomed the company’s commitment to the vertical integration that is these shirts’ hallmark. High Cotton is considering resurrecting the shirts with cotton from Texas and California. But, for now, they are no longer available.

However, Patrick Hill, being the consummate gentleman that he is, offered to comb the company’s remaining few polos to see if a white medium was available. Happily, it was.

So, a few days later, this shirt appeared in my mailbox. The unseasonably warm temperatures predicted for later in the week will give me the perfect opportunity to give the shirt its first wearing.




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