Hiking is one of my passions. Whether it’s a simple day hike, a multi-day backpacking trip or a mountain climbing expedition, there’s something inspiring about setting foot on forest and mountain paths and connecting with the natural world.

My primary warm weather hiking pants were nearing the end of their usable life; several encounters with thorn bushes and hidden strands of barbed wire left the pants nearly in tatters. So I set out to conjure up an American made replacement.

After a couple of Internet searches, I stumbled upon Coalatree, a company that styles itself as a purveyor of “eco-minded goods.” While I can’t vouch for the domestic provenance of all Coalatree’s prodcts, I did note that several of its trousers are American made, including the Trailhead Pants.

Made of lightweight recycled nylon ripstop, the Trailhead Pants are a perfect trouser for hiking when the thermometer is north of 50 degrees; they’re trim without being constricting and the nylon has a nice stretch to it.

While they haven’t gotten a full workout yet, I did break them out in a recent two hour walk along the beach. So far, so good.


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