Mountain & Sackett

1957. It was the year of Sputnik. Little Rock. The Treaty of Rome.

That same year, a small necktie making concern–Mountain & Sackett–came into being. It set out to create a tie on these shores that would rival the neckwear being produced in Great Britain.


Over the intervening years, many of Mountain & Sackett’s brethren have descended into style’s graveyard. Those few who remain have largely given up on trying to make a tie with American labor.

Mountain & Sackett has largely resisted that impulse. Every tie Mountain & Sackett sells–with the exception of its Italian knits–is made by American hands, Many of those workers have been with the company for decades.

To my eye, the regimental ties are the highlight of Mountain & Sackett’s product line. Made of a  sturdy English silk, a double face repp weave, the stripes are oriented in the British down-from-the-left-shoulder fashion, instead of the right shoulder orientation Brooks Brothers favors.

While a number of ties in the company’s product line are a relatively narrow 3 and 1/8 inch in width, the regimental ties boast a robust 3 and 1/2 inch width and a 58 inch length–the necktie’s Pythagorean ideal.

I received my first Mountain & Sackett tie–a regimental in the Old Harrow Golf pattern–for Christmas last month. While it remains to be seen how well the tie will hold up over time, I’m already quite taken with it.





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