Brick Knitwear

The venerable wool knit cap. It goes by many names: the watch cap, the ski hat, the touque, the toboggan, the woolie cap and, in the British vernacular, the bobble hat.

Those of us who spend much time outdoors in the colder months know that it is an imminently practical garment–a sweater, of sorts, for the head.

This Christmas, Frannie received a woolie cap from Colorado-based Brick Knitwear.

Truth be told, we know very little about Brick Knitwear, other than these brief biographical snippets: it’s the brainchild of one Cara Martin, a veteran of several apparel companies who has branched out to start her own business; it’s located in Lyons, Colorado where I suppose they know a thing or two about how to keep warm; and all of the caps appear to be knit by Ms. Martin herself.

Her knitting concern is one of those enterprises we happily discovered on Instagram.

Frannie’s new cap is the Willow Hat, with a birdseye pattern reminiscent of the L.L. Bean Norwegian sweaters. As such things go, it’s outstanding in every way. The wool–a combination of superfine merino and cashmere–is delightfully soft. And the knitting is truly first-rate. I can imagine this hat serving as a trusted winter companion for years to come.




2 thoughts on “Brick Knitwear”

  1. It is Cara Martin, and I agree, her work is outstanding. With her extensive training and background, both in material, and in designing weave patterns, I have loved what we refer to as watch caps, since we are sailors.

    1. Indeed it is. Thanks for bringing that to our attention; we’ve made the correction in the original post. And thanks for your comment.

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