F.H. Wadsworth Belts

For several months now, I’ve been interested in giving the F.H. Wadsworth D-ring ribbon belts a try. But, based upon the measurements on the company’s website, I fall somewhere in that no man’s land between a medium and a large, so I was reluctant to make on an online purchase.

On my recent trip to New York, I learned that Frank Stella (a men’s store on the Upper West Side) had just started carrying the F.H. Wadsworth belts. I was able to try one on and nail down the particulars of my size (ultimately, a medium) before pulling the trigger.

Despite its venerable spot among the American classics, it’s been decades since a grosgrain ribbon belt has been part of my wardrobe. I’m glad to have corrected that oversight, particularly so because the F.H. Wadsworth belts are a sterling example of the form. They come in some 30 color combinations, and the construction is first-rate.

The belt I bought is called The Plum. If a little prosaic, that name is an apt description, although the main body of the belt is a little more maroon than a true plum, which suits me fine.



Truth be told, I know little about F.H. Wadsworth, save that the company’s belts are made in New York City. The F.H. Wadsworth website suggests that the company name is an eponym for its founder, although the skeptic in me thinks that moniker sounds a little too perfectly aristocratic.


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