New Faribault Woolen Mill Scarf

I live in the wrong climate.

For nine months out of the year, those of us in Southeast Texas grapple with varying manifestations of heat. The other three months see mild to cool temperatures with occasional diversions into the downright cold.

But I’m partial to truer (and longer lasting) winters. The brace of chill against my face as I bundle up in an overcoat is one of life’s overlooked pleasures.

Perhaps, if I had to endure the seven month onslaught of a northern Maine winter, I might change my tune. But for now, the snow is a little brighter on the other side of the fence.

Still, here in the subtropics, there are a few days each year when a scarf is worn more by necessity than affectation.

And for those days, I turn to the trusted folks at Faribault Woolen Mill.

A couple of weeks ago, while on vacation in New York City, I visited the Lodge Man Shop, a sliver of a commercial enterprise in the East Village offering a bevy of American made goods. There, I picked up a my second Faribault Woolen Mill scarf (the Alden Pinstripe Wool Scarf), in an orange and navy diagonal pattern. For my money, orange is the ideal color for accessories, offering just enough pop against navy, gray and brown.




The scarf has quickly rocketed to a position as the favored among my many scarves. It’s really an exceptional piece, and that’s a testament to the good people at Faribault Woolen Mill who have been making blankets and other wool accessories since the end of the Civil War. It is, in the company’s own words, “one of the last vertical woolen mills in America.”


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