Paige Denim

Those of you who know Paige Denim might think it strange that such a company would find its way onto a blog that celebrates classic clothing.

Yes, Paige Denim’s products are manufactured domestically. But it is not, in any reasonable sense of the term, a purveyor of classic clothing.  Its offerings are much too fashion forward, with skintight cuts, excess zippers and fabrics no lover of classic clothes would readily embrace.

But among the items Paige Denim sells, a few items can be found that would work well in a classic wardrobe. Over the Christmas break, one such item presented itself as we sifted through the wares at a store on Congress Street in Austin, Tex.–a pair of plum colored corduroy pants. Slim cut, they’re  a perfect match with riding boots and a chunky wool sweater.



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