Lilies Boutique

At my work, the powers that be are cracking down.

The decree, come down from on high, is that each employee will wear his ID badge at all times.

In the past, I’ve been resistant to donning my ID, and, as you can imagine, my rationale is predicated on sartorial considerations. Essentially, I have two options. Clip the badge to my suit lapel or pocket (which risks damage to the jacket). Or hook the badge to a cheap, foreign made, logo-branded lanyard, which is a blemish on an otherwise thoughtfully considered outfit.

Surely, I surmised, there had to be lanyard options, made in the United States, that did not represent an affront to good taste.

A quick Google search introduced me to Lilies Boutique, an Internet based enterprise that proffers a wide range of domestically produced lanyards. Lilies is run by one Jamie Cook, and it appears that she makes all her products by hand in Florida.

Not everything Lilies Boutique offers is to my liking. But the shop offers a line of seersucker lanyards that is outstanding in every way, with superlative construction and impeccable taste. I ordered mine in the navy seersucker. Wearing it doesn’t feel like compromise–quite the contrary. It’s really a wonderful accessory unto itself, something I feel proud to wear.




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