I Need a New Hat Maker

Since 2009, I’ve been a customer of Optimo Hats in Chicago. I have two of their Monticristi Panama hats and a fur felt. Excellent hats they all are. And, for quite some time, I’ve been eager to add a custom Milan straw to that collection.

After languishing on Optimo’s waiting list for a year and a half, I contacted the company, and their response was this:  in my general size range, a waiting period of up to three years is likely for the Milan straws.

I simply cannot fathom running a business with the expectation that customers wait up to three years for your product.

So, I’m hoping our readers can help me as I strive to find a new hat maker, one who specializes more in classic hats (fedoras, homburgs, porkpies, etc) than in Western wear. I’m willing to travel (in the United States, of course) for an initial fitting.

I’ve heard good things about Art Fawcett in Oregon. I’ve also, through the Instagram grapevine, heard about the Wellema Hat Co.

So, dear readers, what other custom hat makers in the United States should I consider?

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