Memorial Day, American Style

Over the Memorial Day weekend, our Instagram account was filled with dozens of patriotic expressions, commemorating those who made the ultimate sacrifice. And while we think the sentiment is admirable, words alone do not convey the full range of our responsibility to the fallen.

We have a deeper responsibility–to ensure the economic viability of the country they gave their lives to serve. And one of the most essential expressions of that responsibility is to purchase goods made by American hands in American communities. To do anything less would be a grave disservice to their sacrifice.

So here I am, decked out in an almost completely American made outfit. Except for the trousers (which are made from British wool), everything here was crafted in the United States: a classic pique polo from Criquet Shirts, a leather tab motif belt from Leather Man Ltd. and a pair of penny loafers from Rancourt.


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