Just Madras

There’s no shortage of companies trafficking in classic American style. But some of the biggest names hawking that aesthetic–Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger–are largely dumping grounds for cheap, foreign-produced goods.

Call me a curmudgeon, but I believe that an American look deserves to be produced in America. This is true for several reasons: the preservation of American jobs, American manufacturing and American livelihoods being foremost among them.

But it’s also about context and authenticity: producing clothes in the milieu that gave birth to them.

Happily, companies like Just Madras have stepped into the breech.

Unabashedly preppy, Connecticut-based Just Madras offers a wide range of USA-made women’s and men’s clothing. It’s fresh-faced, clean scrubbed, a paean to perpetual summer, as evinced by the company’s motto, Where Summer Lives All Year Long. With heavy doses of madras and seersucker and a definably nautical sensibility, the company’s offerings would be at home in any prep’s closet.

I recently bought Frannie a pair of pink seersucker Bermuda shorts from Just Madras. They’re delightful, a beautiful shade of pink, and really the perfect summer knock-around short.


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