Bills Khakis Critter Pants

In sartorial matters, a certain subset of Americans has a penchant for motifs–animal, nautical, sporting and dipsomaniacal–that is simply not replicated in other cultures. It is nigh on impossible to imagine an Englishman roaming the Yorkshire countryside or an Italian traversing the streets of Milan in critter trousers.

Although motif belts have long been part of my wardrobe, many a year has passed since a pair of critter trousers last graced my closet. A few months ago, I set out to remedy that omission.

Bills Khakis, still limping along despite its recent financial difficulties, was blowing out a number of items. Among those were poplin pants in two different motifs: marlin and lobster. The marlin version was available in my size, so I pulled the proverbial trigger.

It’s an ideal summer fabric–a lightweight poplin with a soft hand. The cut, although not identified on the website, is Bills’ M2, which I favor.

After finally getting them cuffed, I wore them for the first time this weekend. These trousers belie any sense of anonymity; wear them and you will be noticed.




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