Bob Goodman & Co. Ties

We’ve been on something of a hiatus recently, so it’s good to be back, sharing our love for items of classic style, made expertly and lovingly on these shores.

The companies we’ve featured on Classic American Style come in many different flavors of familiarity. Some have been a part of our lives for years and represent some of the most trusted names in classic style. Others are more recent creations whom we have been well pleased to get to know better. And then there are a few who, despite our economic engagement with them, remain total strangers.

Bob Goodman & Company falls into that last category.

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a tandem of Bob Goodman repp ties from the American Suit Store. (Note: Despite the moniker, only some of what the American Suit Store sells is American made.) The ties were offered at the relatively modest  sum of $110 for two.


Let me not mince words here: At that price, they represent what I believe to be the best value in American neckwear today.  I would compare them favorably to Brooks Brothers, but at a cost that is more than 30 percent south of what Brooks charges. The silk is both sturdy and sumptuous, and the knots produce a dimple as well as any in my collection.


Relentlessly traditional, the ties are 3.5″ wide (although the American Suit store hears rumors that the width may be curtailed to 3.25″ next year). They come in a number of different color combinations, all of which would have a welcome home in a traditional wardrobe.

Despite my affinity for the company’s neckwear, I’ve been able to learn very little about Bob Goodman, aside from the fact that his eponymous company makes its ties in New Jersey. From what I gather, the ties are available only at select men’s stores, the American Suit Store being one of only two online examples I could find.

Still, it’s an exceptional product, one that I would strongly recommend our readers consider.

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