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Regular readers will know of our affinity for thrift stores. Amid the detritus of other people’s castoffs, you occasionally find wonderful items with many more years left on their lifespans. For folks on a tight budget, a thrift store can be an ideal way to assemble a tasteful, classic wardrobe.

It’s also an excellent source of American made goods.

The typical closet of a previous generation included far more items of American provenance, so a thrift store (at least for now) is far more likely to contain items that appeal to the Americanophiles among us.

While in Colorado on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I found a trio of American made ties at a thrift shop in Cañon City–after my son and I finished a whitewater rafting trip in the Royal Gorge: two Brooks Brothers ties (one of which still had the original sales tag) and one from Lands’ End, in perfect condition, possibly never worn.

A Land’s End tie, hearkening back to when such things were made in the United States
The classic BB#1 repp tie from Brooks Brothers


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