What Doesn’t Work: Bills Khakis Polo Shirt

Here on Classic American Style, we tend to focus on those things that work well. And, given the exceptionally high standard that defines most American made products, that’s been a fairly easy task.

But sometimes we encounter products that don’t live up to our expectations.

Last year, I purchased (on a fairly deep discount) a polo shirt from Bills Khakis. Those of you who have been with us for a while will know of our affection for Bills Khakis.

In fact, I have several things from Bills: a pair of the original M1 khakis, a pair of green poplin M2 pants, a pair of seersucker M2 pants, a pair of broadcloth critter pants and three pairs of boxer shorts. Each of these has served me well, and I’m pleased to include them in my wardrobe.

I was hopeful that the shirt would embody the same high standards I’ve come to expect from Bills.

No such luck.

My beef is neither with the fabric nor the construction. Both seem to be top notch.

Where I find the shirt lacking is in the design. I purchased a medium (I hover somewhere between a medium and a large) because I like a slightly slimmer fit in a polo shirt. The torso is reasonably slim, but the sleeves are preposterously long, hitting at my elbow, and they billow out as if intended to fit arms twice the diameter of mine.  And the shoulder seam  droops down a couple of inches below where it should hit, which is particularly surprising given that I have fairly broad shoulders for my frame.

An ill-fitting polo; note shoulder seams and sleeves

Frankly, I can’t imagine what body shape this would fit–someone with a torso like Donatello’s David, linebacker shoulders and Paul Bunyan arms. I note that the polos are still being offered for sale on Bills’ website. My recommendation: steer clear.

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