New F.H. Wadsworth Belt

A few months ago, I reported on my first F.H. Wadsworth belt. A grosgrain ribbon, D-ring version, it has a favored spot among my belts, running neck-and-neck with Leather Man Ltd. for my affections.

Given that the F.H. Wadsworth belts come in more than 30 color combinations, it’s only natural that I would add another to my collection. Classic and colorful, they’re the perfect accent to any self-respecting prep’s outfit.

My newest F.H. Wadsworth belt


In fact, I’m going to go out on the proverbial limb here. If you, in any way, fashion yourself a partisan of the prep/trad/ivy/WASP look, at least one of these belts must be a part of your collection. They are that essential.

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