Dapper Classics Revisited

Over the course of this blog’s life, I’ve tried to spread the wealth, sampling American made wares from a variety of companies.

But there are some companies and some products I keep coming back to.

Dapper Classics and their exceptional socks are prominent among those.

A few weeks ago, before heading over to Manready Mercantile for White Linen night, I made a brief detour to Houston’s Norton Ditto.

Norton Ditto deserves a mention for a fairly robust commitment to stocking American made goods. Hickey Freeman Suits. Trafalgar suspenders. Alden shoes. Robert Talbott ties. And, yes, Dapper Classic socks.

While at Norton Ditto, I picked up two pair of cotton over the calf Dapper Classics socks (adding to the ten already in my collection). I’m also fond of American made socks from American Trench and Boardroom Socks (Fox River Socks for outdoor pursuits), but Dapper Classics, given their tendency toward bright colors and whimsical designs, are unequivocally my favorite.



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