New Union Clothing Redux

A few months ago, I posted on an emergent clothing enterprise,  New Union Clothing. Its initial offerings, as you may recall, are focused exclusively on shirts. They’ve had a couple of popups already at Houston’s Manready Mercantile, and they also sell their wares on the web.

You may remember that I was the company’s first customer. For my initial purchase, I chose a bengal stripe long sleeve shirt with a button down collar, a wonderful and classic choice.

Ever since I made that first purchase, however, a low devilish voice of temptation has rumbled in my ear. It was a difficult proposition to choose among New Union’s offerings, and an indigo cotton popover with a cutaway collar beckoned.

So I recently made amends and brought the indigo popover into my sartorial orbit.


I’m not going to equivocate here. This may be my favorite shirt; if not, it’s easily in the top three or four. As with my previous New Union shirt, its design is exceptionally well thought out–a classic piece whose interesting details make it feel completely sui generis.


One word of warning. Indigo dyes are notoriously unstable. I’m old enough where I remember when madras fabrics had to be soaked in a solution of vinegar; indigo dyes are no different. Even with that treatment, the shirt bleeds when washed, so my advice is to launder it by hand with gentle soap in cold water.

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