Filson Toboggan

We’ve written before on the venerable toboggan (aka the woolie cap), extolling its virtues for outdoor winter pursuits.

A few months ago, while roasting in the Southeast Texas summer, I ordered a Filson toboggan, an act of not insubstantial imagination. My current cold weather hiking cap is from SmartWool, and it’s more skullcap than toboggan, with scarcely enough fabric real estate to cover my ears. The Filson cap rectifies that deficiency.

During my trip to New York City last November, the cap received its first wearing, during a hike of Inwood Hill Park and a walk of the entire length of Manhanttan. I’m pleased to report that it performed its task with aplomb, keeping my noggin warm in the morning chill.

Filson maintains a fairly strong commitment to American manufacturing. This cap is among those items that continue to be made on these shores.

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