The Bean Boot: An Icon Among Classics

While recent years have seen L.L. Bean relocate much of its production overseas (particularly to countries dominated by sweatshop labor), the Bean Boot is still produced, as it has been for more than 100 years, in Maine.

The boot was L.L. Bean’s founding product. In 1912, Leon Bean, having obtained a list of out-of-state holders of Maine hunting permits, sent out an advertisement for what he called his Maine Hunting Shoe (leather uppers for breathability and rubber bottoms for waterproofness).  He offered an unconditional guarantee, and, legend has it, 90 of the first 100 boots were returned. Although it nearly scuttled Bean’s business prospects, Bean remained true to his word. He tweaked the design and sent out replacement boots.


So when it came time to buy a pair of boots for Fran as she prepares for school in the East (with prospects of unfamiliar weather to a girl from the Gulf Coast), the Bean Boot was on the top of our list. Little did I know that the boot had, as such things do from time-to-time, insinuated itself back into fashion, and so the good folks at L.L. Bean were scrambling to keep up with demand. After about a month-and-a-half of patient waiting, the boots arrived on our doorstep.

Fran’s new Bean Boots with socks courtesy of Dad
The chain link sole


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