For years, yours truly has grappled with keychain designs of less than practical dimensions. Many of us know the nearly ubiquitous circle as an antagonist to fingernails. Removing or inserting keys is an exercise in masochism.

The other popular option is a spring latch system. My experience has been that, over time, the latch weakens and begins to separate, causing keys to begin slipping out.

That’s whhy, when I discovered Craighill’s closed helix keychain, I was immediately smitten. It’s an ingenious design–innovative, easy to use and aesthetically inspiring. A little work of art, in fact.

The chain itself–1/8″ stainless steel wire–is shaped like a crossed ribbon. One of the ends is removable, enabling the keys to be slipped on effortlessly. The wire is made in Cicero, Ill., while the ends are made in Cleveland, Ohio.; the combined package is finished in Craighill’s New York workshop.

It represents, in my humble estimation, the apotheosis of keychain design.

The keychain is one of several metal objects Craighill sells, all, to my knowledge, made in the United States. Craighill traffics in the kind of small objects that transform the quotidian into the divine; several are on my wish list.

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