Allen Edmonds Recrafting

We live in a zeitgeist that prioritizes the transitory over the enduring, disposability over the long-lasting, fashion over style.

No surprise then, that most shoes are made to be worn until they fall apart–with no hope of repair.

For those of us, however, who partake in welted footwear, we know that a good cobbler can rehabilitate even the most wanting pair of dress shoes, giving them a new lease on life.

For most of my shoes, I have a local cobbler I call upon. But a pair of Allen Edmonds dress shoes recently needed work, and I decided to avail myself of the company’s recrafting services. I brought the shoes, the Rutledge in walnut, to the Allen Edmonds store in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood, and they sent the shoes back to Wisconsin to be worked on.

I selected the standard recrafting package. For the sum of $125, you get new soles, new heels, a new cork inlay, new welting, new laces and a complete refinishing.

About a month later, the refurbished shoes arrived on my doorstep. Almost as good as new, with the leather retaining that broken in quality that takes a few years to obtain.

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