Random Find

Most of the items we feature on this blog are the product of significant research. We peruse other blogs for recommendations. We scour websites to find items that fill voids in our wardrobes. And we trawl thrift stores to unearth American-made castoffs from years past.

Occasionally, however, a bit of American-made goodness insinuates itself into our day, not by intention but by serendipity.

A few weeks ago, outside the Whole Foods in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Frannie and I happened upon a small shop. Outside, in a sales bin, were¬† packs of merino wool hiking socks, marked “Made in USA.” At $12 for a three-pack, they were too good a deal to pass up.


They’re a mid-weight sock, ideal for hiking and backpacking in all but the coldest of conditions. Once prime hiking season kicks into gear in these parts (after the Southeast Texas heat relents), they’ll get a full workout.

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