Ralph Lauren Deck Shoes

Among all the brands that embrace an American aesthetic, Ralph Lauren is probably the most egregious in its betrayal of American manufacturing. So much of what his company makes (outside of the Purple, Black and upper Blue label) floats along on the effluent of Third World production.

That’s why I’m always surprised when I find something American made with the Ralph Lauren imprint. A few years ago, it was a pair of silk suspenders. Yesterday, in one the Houston Marshalls stores, I came upon a pair of Ralph Lauren deck shoes, happily announcing their Made-in-Maine bonfides.



Since Frannie’s deck shoes have bitten the dust, and we’ve yet to get her a replacement pair, we’ll take these up with us when we visit for parents weekend in October.

Yes, they’re orange. Very orange. But to me that’s a selling point. I think orange is an ideal accent, a perfect splash of color that enlivens almost any outfit.


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