Kent Wang: Modern Haberdasher

The pocket square… It’s arguably the most superfluous of men’s clothing. After all, it’s but a meager dimension of silk, linen, cotton or wool whose only purpose is to decorate the pocket of a man’s jacket.

But what a purpose that is!

Cary Grant in North by Northwest notwithstanding, it’s difficult for a man to aspire to be well attired without learning the nuances of the pocket square.

For my money, one of the leading purveyors of pocket squares today is Kent Wang. I met Kent online several years ago when we were both regular inhabitants of While I remained a clothing hobbyist, Kent entered the professional ranks, starting his online business with a range of pocket squares.

Today, Kent has branched out into many different aspects of men’s clothing, although I’m still partial to hisĀ  squares, particularly the linens. They’re pretty reasonably priced as these things go, and several of them are made domestically.

Two of the six Kent Wang pocket squares in my collection
Yours truly with a Kent Wang pocket square in full deployment

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