Royall Mandarin

About scent, I’m particular. Rare is the fragrance that stirs my soul. So I’ve gone years at a time without adding cologne to my daily routine.

Earlier this year, for my birthday, my family gave me a bottle of Royall Mandarin, one of the line of made-in-the-USA fragrances from Royall Lyme Bermuda. Truth be told, I had been coveting a bottle of the fragrance for some time.



Although I find it much to my liking, it’s not a fragrance that receives universal approbation. I’ve heard complaints that it doesn’t last over the course of the day. This, however, has not been my experience, as I’ve detected hints of the scent a full 12 hours later.

Because I’m judicious in the amount I use each morning (two small sprays), the bottle will endure for several years more, even in the face of almost daily use.

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