Leather Man Ltd.

During the work week, I’m partial to suspenders (braces in the British parlance) and have all my suit trousers made with a fishtail back and suspender buttons.

But on the weekends, I sport a belt. So all my odd trousers, whether bespoke or off-the-rack, are made with with belt loops.

Yet a belt need not be a simple concoction of leather and brass. Motif¬† belts can add a certain insouciance to an outfit.¬† They’re a chance to express one’s individuality or to declare kinship with fellow aficionados of a particular activity.

I recently purchased one of the Tab & Buckle Motif belts from Leather Man Ltd. Made in Essex, Connecticut, they’re a very nice product at a very reasonable price, with the added benefit of being essentially a custom product. You choose the accent option (the motif or design), the color of cotton webbing and the leather and buckle option. It took about two weeks for my belt to be sewn and shipped.

They offer a wide variety of motifs. Alas, penguins were not among the choices. But, in the absence of a penguin, a puffin will do just fine.






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