R. Hanauer

The day was crisp, with early insinuations of Autumn filling the air as Frannie and I walked up Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown.

As our shadows lengthened, we stopped in Sherman Pickey. Located near the northern terminus of Wisconsin Avenue’s commercial expanse, the shop is a bulwark of civility, with a sedate charm that is at odds with the bustle of the surrounding city. It has an emphasis on classic clothing, with a subtle nod to the fashions of the day.

A drawing of the Sherman Pickey shop

Not everything in the store is American made, but several products are. One caught my eye: an R. Hanauer pocket square. It’s a beautiful wool challis, in a paisley print that’s perfect for fall.

R. Hanauer has been around since 1985, when Randy Hanauer began making pocket squares. Today, the company offers a wide range of men’s furnishings, from bow ties to pocket squares, suspenders to belts, all proudly made in the United States. This is all the more remarkable given the exodus of domestic production that has taken place over the intervening three decades.






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