Mod Cloth/Retrolicious

Whimsy is often an antidote to what T.S. Eliot once termed “the boredom and the horror” of life.

In fact, distinctly American clothing can be fairly whimsical. Vibrant Lilly Pulitzer prints, motif trousers and patch madras are just a few examples of traditional American garments at their most extroverted.

In my online excursions, I came across this American made skirt from Retrolicious–featuring a large printed fox motif–on the site Mod Cloth. I sent Frannie an online missive with a link to the skirt, and she raved.

Much of what Mod Cloth offers skews away from truly classic clothing; it caters more to aficionados of vintage clothing. But, since vintage styles harken to an idealized point in American fashion, a number of Mod Cloth offerings would fit very well in a classic wardrobe.





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