David Peck USA

There are moments in a lady’s life when she is called upon to don an evening gown, whether she is accepting an Academy Award, heading up a charity ball or simply enjoying the attentions of a young gentleman whisking her across the dance floor. Frannie has finally come to that moment.

So where to turn, particularly if a made in the USA gown is a priority? For denizens of Southeast Texas, David Peck USA affords the perfect opportunity to merge classic elegance with a commitment to local production.

Peck Shop 2
David Peck’s Houston shop

Over the past four years, David Peck has been crafting exceptionally designed gowns, dresses and other ladies garments in Houston. With his recent relocation to Houston’s Montrose neighborhood, all of his wares are manufactured in a building right off the shop floor.

Peck Shop 1
The production room, adjacent to the shop

His collection is firmly rooted in the classics–not surprising for someone who cites both Hepburns as inspirations.

Peck Dress
Classic elegance from David Peck

We had the chance to visit the shop on a pleasant pre-Thanksgiving afternoon. During our visit, Frannie sampled a bevy of gowns, each a paean to elegance. In the end, she selected a purple crepe jersey gown; after alterations, it will be ready for next year’s formal events.

Peck gown 1

Peck Gown 2


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