The Bluelace Project

We don the pink ribbon to show our dedication to helping eradicate breast cancer. A yellow ribbon spanning the circumference of the front yard oak expresses our hope for a soldier’s safe return.

But for those of us who yearn to tout our commitment to American workers, where to turn? Barring some ostentatious and inappropriate use of the American flag, up until now, symbolic options were virtually non-existent.

Dedicated partisans for American manufacturing that they are, the good folks at Flint and Tinder have done something to rectify this. They called upon one of America’s few remaining shoelace manufacturers to produce a special pair of laces.

Called the Bluelace Project, this partnership provides a symbol to announce one’s commitment to buying products made in the USA. Many retailers have demurred at the prospect of adding U.S. made goods to their shelves, believing falsely that Americans won’t pay a premium for the exceptional products made in their own country. The Bluelace Project aims to prove them wrong, providing a visible symbol of our resolve to invest in American made items.

I recently bought a pair at Manready Mercantile in Houston.


And oh they are an impressive product. Triple braided, double waxed, with aluminum tips (or aglets in the parlance of shoelace making). An item made this well is a fitting symbol for American manufacturing.

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